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Personally Designed Wedding Albums

Yorkshire Wedding Album Designer


The Photography of your wedding day is completely unique, you've spent time over the past months or even years in careful preparation, choosing the dress, venue, flowers, theme and dozens of other choices, all of which, are a reflection of your personality and character.

Graham and Brenda understand, all the care you've taken, and work closely with you to ensure your unique album reflects who you are.

Wedding Albums designed to your taste.

All albums crafted by Graham Charles are an individual representation of your personality and lifestyle, with each photograph filled with fun, laughter and all the true excitement of such a wonderful day.

The designer process starts right from our initial meeting where we start to build a rapport, this is continued through our pre-wedding meeting, where we discuss all the details of your photography, things you like and different designs of albums and layouts. We actively encourage your input at this stage so your album is crafted exactly to your taste.

Following your wedding, you select the photos for your album and send us the list on email. All albums include unlimited photographs at no extra cost.

Once we receive your selection, Graham then quickly designs your wedding album based on previous discussions, when the first draft is ready he will send you a copy on an email so you can see how it looks, you can then offer your "emotional input" into your  albums design. We continue email discussions until you're completely happy with your album design, and only then, will we go to print, this guarantees you will be totally happy when you take delivery.

If you choose to have additional designer Parent albums, you still have the same opportunity to see how the layout looks before it goes to print.

Graham Charles - Professional Photographer Yorkshire and Wedding Album Designer, creator of unique wedding albums that truly reflect your sense of fun and style.

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